Data Science Day


Main Partner

OP is the leading financial group in Finland. We provide our customers with the best loyalty benefits and the most extensive and diversified range of banking, investment, health and insurance services. We employ over 12 000 financial services professionals.

Although the basic needs of our customers remain unchanged, digitalization is changing the behavior of both consumers and corporations. We are committed to be the leaders of this change in our business and firmly believe that this change is a chance for us to build a better service-experience by listening to our customers and continually developing our services.


Antti Myllymäki "Since 2007 Antti has mostly been building and managing organizations focusing to large scale information management and Artificial Intelligence. I'm strong at crafting concepts and ecosystems enabled by AI. Industry spike on financial services and high tech. Often presenting big data, AI and data science events."

Juha Vesanto "Dr Juha Vesanto has done a long career in Finnish business as a data analyst and an analytics enthusiast. He made his PhD on data mining in 2002, and has since been delivering analytics-driven solutions to solve everyday business problems in publishing, insurance, retail and lately in the finance sector."

Come and meet the future in Messukeskus Siipi on Thursday 21.2.2019

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