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Accenture | Liquid Studio Helsikni

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Accenture is a leading professional services company, with capabilities in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. We develop and implement technology solutions to improve our clients' productivity and efficiency - and may run parts of their business. Ultimately, we enable our clients to become high-performance businesses and governments. We work with most of Finland's largest companies and organizations covering full range of industries. Accenture has operated in Finland since 1989, employing approximately 1,400 people.

Accenture Liquid Studio, organization focusing on rapid application development and experimentation with new disrupting technologies.


Hassan Naseri (Ph.D.) is an Associate Manager in Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Liquid Studio Helsinki. His presentation will be about quantum computing.

"Quantum computing is growing very fast to become the next generation of computer technology. Billions of dollars and euros are invested every year in a field that has the promise of outperforming every classical computer to an extraordinary degree for certain tasks. Hence, quantum computing is very likely to disrupt every industry in near future. This presentation briefly discusses the following questions. What is quantum computing? What are the impacts and important applications of quantum computing? What is the current state of technology and its near future expectations."

Come and meet the future in Messukeskus Siipi on Thursday 21.2.2019

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